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        Founder & CEO

        Read letter from our CEO, Alexander Kesler


        INFUSEmedia is here to help your business through the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the end of Q3 2020, or until we’ve exhausted our capacity, we are providing direct demand generation support to small and medium-sized businesses.


        Sign up to receive a FREE toolkit:

        • 100 leads, generated via multi-channel approaches, ABM, or intent campaigns and targeted specifically to the needs of your business
        • Customized banner advertising set, complete with copy and lead-appropriate CTAs
        • Custom audit of your current content strategy
        • Email marketing pack to help you jump-start your outreach
        • Guide on lead nurturing containing best practices on turning leads into viable opportunities



        As businesses around the world begin to recover, INFUSEmedia is committed to playing our part in jump-starting the economy and driving meaningful growth in Q3 and Q4. We are empowering thousands of new relationships in a world hungry for progress and connections.


        “Your offer to jump-start new lead gen—no strings attached—is a lifeline.”
        — VP Marketing, Colorado